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The good news and the bad...

It has been exactly a week since I blogged. The good news is the response to profundities. It has been exhilarating to see so many people interested in reading and contributing to the discussion.

To get to such numbers in a month has been an amazing experience to me. To top it all, I've been asked to do articles for a journal. Unfortunately, I won't be able to continue to spend much time on profundities. I won't even be able to tell you where my new articles are going to come up- I am using a pseudonym.

Anyways, happy blogging. hope to be able to spend time on profundities soon enough.

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The Spin Zone: On Spinoza and Kenneth Lay

Spinoza wrote a classic work- Ethics. Centuries later we are still debating, this week you would have seen the picture of Ken Lay in handcuffs and surely you would have read about ethics in business.

"I believe in God and I believe in free markets," says the son of a Baptist minister who ended up as one of the most famous business people in America now. He is almost evangelical of free market economies. "That' s the fairest way to allocate and price resources," he says. " It does create more wealth and a higher standard of living for people than any other alternative. That ought to be the conclusive statement on markets."

He has a doctorate in economics from the University of Houston and serves on the Board of Trustees of his church. When he dies, he trusts God will consider him a good and faithful servant.

Some much needed fresh perspective- you might say, read on...

"I think if you looked at my total life as a businessman, the way I treated people, the opportunities I' ve created for people standards of living that have been impacted for the better, I certainly hope he would," says Lay.

To read the full interview with Kenneth Lay, go here.
To do a quick refresh on Spinoza, try here.

Thanks db32 for the link to an msnbc interactive module on what really happened at Enron.

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Blogger's Guide 1 : Presentation

"To love and not lose or to not risk loving at all is to not live at all."
This comment to one of my posts turned out to be not just a tongue twister, but also a mind bender. Well said, and profound too.

Someone else, well, most anyone else would have put it in a different way, so why is it that some people write well and some write exceptionally well? This question leads well into a topic I've been learning a lot over the last month. Blog skills. Thanks to everyone who replied to my emails soliciting advice.

1. Style
Let me quote from "To be or not to be". Anyone whose mind murmured Hamlet or Shakespeare gets a pat on the back.

"By a sleep to say we end
The heartaches and the thousand natural shocks
That flesh is heir to."

You will note the highly stylized form of writing. (Im not a big fan of ending a sentence with a preposition though; it almost feels like you are left hanging at a cliff.) Someone with a taste for the finer styles of the written language most often will produce beautiful prose.

2. Attitude
Are we being serious or frivolous, casual or formal, sweet or stuffy? How many times have you come across blogs where authors are condescending or judgmental, dismissive or irritated? Example from my own blog- the last quote unintentionally adds a condescending tone to the whole article.

3. Knowledge
It is not a prerequisite that the author is knowledgeable in the subject, but is he using sound logic? Do facts or examples augment his reasoning? Is the argument structured? Is there a summary? Most often we remember to have a structure, but forget micro level details- correctness, relevance, and whether pertinent facts have been omitted. For bloggers especially, subjects cannot be too broad and the discussion has to be well organized. If you a post a long article, as I did last week, rest assured no one is going to read it!

4. Integrity
Do you add links to sources of information you use? Do you use quotes, indentation etc to delineate your original sentences from someone else's?

5. Diligence
Did you overlook spelling and grammar mistakes?

Can you think of anything else that makes some blogs very good reads?

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