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Better to have a target before I shoot.

This blog hopefully, will be about:
1. Books
2. People
3. Current Affairs
4. C++ and Design Issues.
5. Profundities ( u will come to know what that means soon )

I don't intend to write every day; but i'll aim to do 3-4 per week.

Profundities ::

At June 25, 2004 at 1:07 AM, Blogger mr said...

After the initial couple of weeks and seeing the traffic, this is what I've learnt:

1. The most hits are for current affairs posts( the interview with the vampire post itself contributed to abt 50 people visiting my blog )
2. The technical articles have the least scope of reader involvement( They recvd the least comments, It could very well be the case that nobody even read it )
3. Creative articles elicit the most reader participation.
4. The above four are the categories define my comfort zone in blogging. i.e. I can't imagine writing the typical blog where the author says, I did this, din't do that, with a list of pet peeves and rambling musings. C'mon who in their right minds( aside from ur friends) wud be interested in reading those?

So im going to change my objectives slightly. In order of preference:
1. Technology.
2. Current affairs.
3. The once in a while Op-Ed piece.


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