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Cabs and Location Based Services (LBS)

This is one technology that has me riveted. The more I read, the more I become enamored by the tremendous utility of this technology. Take for example this new cab service which was launched in London - Zingo Cabs.

When you call this number, you will be connected to the nearest "Zingo"-aware cabbie, and you talk to the cabbie directly to fix the pick up location.

Zingo locates the position of both taxi and passenger by bringing together mobile phone operators' LBS technology and global positioning systems (GPS) already used in thousands of licensed London taxis.

kyool, is it? Link

How about location based advertisement? say what, u might ask...This is a new technology under review in Manhattan. Suppose Macy's wanted to advertise a sale only on Sunday morning and only in a five block radius around its stores: Input this requirement into a software and it would beam the message to all the cabs that are equipped with the electronic billboards; as soon as their positioning devices signal that they have entered the area near Macy's, the sale ads would begin to flash on the L.E.D. screens atop the cabs. If advertisers wanted to communicate in Chinese in Chinatown or in Spanish in East Harlem, that can be done too.

super kyool, isnt it? Link

I remember the time I went to this club in Scottsdale called Sugar Daddy's. After three Bacardys and Coke, with head spinning and bladder hurting, I made a dash to the restroom. What ensued was a surreal experience ;) After washing my face, I turned back and looked- there were monitors right in front of the urinals, the advertisements for Hooters was not something I had dreamed up- it had been playing while I relieved myself! WOW! the power of location based advertisement.

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