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Free Gmail Invites and Alex.

I have a few gmail invites left; anyone who wants it, send me a mail. Please don't use the comment feature for this.

Moving on, is someone keeping up with the browser wars? yeah, I know, the Iraq war is more hip, but that war is unarguably a Vietnam for the 21st century. I'm on the right, particularly on the issue of the war, but man, someone has messed up big time- the guy who came up with the strategic plan must've copy pasted from google ;)

This should've been a conquest of absolute proportions, like Alexander invading Persia, like Genghis Khan invading China. America should have been the savour of Iraqis, just as Alexander was crowned Pharoah by the Egyptians, America should have unified the middle east in a fight against tyranny, dictatorship and terrorism, But unfortunately the execution of post-war strategy had much in common with Alexanders' rather than Genghis'.

Who the heck is this Alexander dude, you might ask. Alexander( or Alex as in his school yearbook), at age 20 became king of Macedonia. we are talking circa 300 B.C. The interesting part of his conquest is that unlike the outcome of modern wars, where might wins, in a decade of fighting numerically superior forces at their home turf, he never tasted defeat! He defeated the Persians, who outnumbered his army at least 1 to 3 (some accounts put the number at 10 times ) remember Alamo, San Antonio, well 'tis s'thin like that. Maybe one day I'll write something about his strategies.

Genghis Khan came much later- 1100 A.D. but he had the largest empire that the world has ever seen. He was into wine, women and wealth. He left the earth with a longing impression- 16 million living men carry his Y-chrmosome!!! Read about it at this link kuro5hin. Genghis' sons expanded his empire, but Alex, he messed up big time in his post-conquest plans. He thought he was God, believed he would never die and ended up dying when he was 32/33 leaving everyone to mend for themselves.

This is why I hate talking about the browser wars :) flash forward: Empire Microsoft had a monopoly on browsers. But the subjects are becoming restless with the integrated browser. You open up a web site and along with it comes a hundred pop ups, you try to close one and the computer locks up. The good news is that there is an alternative- Mozilla FireFox. This browser has been gaining so much popular acceptance now that it is not even funny.

Why would you want to switch to FireFox?
1. It is a small download (5MB) and easy install.
2. open a page, Cntrl click a link on the page- it opens up in a new tab in the browser and loads up in the background.
3. pop ups cant even get their feet in sideways.
4. This is a lean application and is very fast.
5. You can download extensions. ( I would recommend the mouse gestures )
6. a neat download manager, a neat extension manager, a neat theme manager and a double neat bookmarks manager.

Suffice to say that this thing is far far ahead of IE as far as features and user experience.

The browser war is over. The winner is FireFox.

Footnote: for the discerning, this article is neither about the Iraq war nor about the browser wars, it was meant to draw parallels.

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At June 22, 2004 at 9:25 AM, Blogger Priya said...

Nevil, Sorry , didnt realize that was your name and left some smart-... comment on my blog rippplesinthemind.blgodrive.com.

Anyway, nice blog. Like the way you express ur ideas. Good luck!

At June 22, 2004 at 4:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last bite should always taste good. Until then, you would have been enjoying the food and the last bite(if not good) will spoil the *feel good* feeling.

The same happened after reading your blog about military wars and browser wars. One more blog, which makes for a good reading. Keep it up.

I had been using Firefox right from the days, when it was called Phoenix :)

Why do they have to ask me to sign up for posting!


At June 22, 2004 at 4:24 PM, Blogger mr said...

Priya, as my friend Jamie would say "It's all good", of course she says it with conviction, unlike the 'run of the mill' way it sounds when you read it off a white screen.

Gautham, I know, it's not the best comment interface. But i'm going to stick with the blogger interface than use a plug in. For one, it is by Google( just like the way I stick to my PRL shirts, I pretty much lap up anything that Google serves ). Hey, How do you complete a sentence started with a 'For one', I can't use 'For two/second/next' :( Grammar doesn't have any built in support for what I'm trying to say. So I'll leave it at that.

Btw, the 'sign in' option is so that someone can click your name and read ur profile/ send u mail/ go to ur website.

At June 22, 2004 at 9:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A post on gmail invite that moves on to a new web browser and on to the two greatest empire builders of all time. hmmm let me guess. You are alluding to 5 wars here. Two historic wars- Alexander's and Genghis Khan's. Two contemporary wars- Iraq and the browser war. One future war- the mail services(gmail) war. And the parallels you drew suggest that success is in post-conquest strategy?

At June 26, 2004 at 9:15 PM, Blogger mr said...

profound comment, Kavita. thatz exactly what I meant- that you could win the battle and still loose the war.

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