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Review: Bobos in Paradise by David Brooks

4 Stars: This book is about the nueveuou rich( i know ive messed up the spelling ) - about the rise of meritrocracy in the US. bobo stands for bourgeois+bohemian( i know this time i got the spelling right; i copied it from the book).

The demographics of the rich were very different in the pre-world war era. At that time, the admission critereon to get into Harward was your lineage. Brooks goes on to explain how the introduction of standardized tests completely changed this demography. He traces the consequence of this change thru the socio-cultural fabric of society.

I cant, but stop and wonder at the similar transformation in India: Is India a meritrocracy now? does the meritrocratic class have the highest status in society? what are their traits, their ethos?

I think meritrocracy is definitely flourishing in India. this class may be rich and powerful, but they dont flaunt it like the aristrocrats of yesteryears.

What has happened to the old dominating class? the aristrocrats, the upper castes?

As Marx warned " the more a ruling class is able to assimilate the most prominent men of the dominated classes, the more stable and dangerous its rule". the aristrocracy and the caste system were doomed by their very definition- there was no way they could hold on to power unless they assimilated members of the dominated classes; with meritrocracy this is the other way round!

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